Terms & Conditions

Below you will find the Terms & Conditions effective as of May 2016


I Definitions:

0. Limousine Transfer 247 is fully owned and controlled by 1stopjamboree LTD and falls under the same rules regarding terms and conditions.

1stopJamboree means 1stopjamboree Limited Company registered in United Kingdom, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom London (company registration number 8498688). Trading under 1stopJamboree Ltd, limousinetransfer247 provides a broker services for the booking limousines and transfers.

1.1.  1stopJamboree Website means webpage connected to the internet available under the URL address http://www.1stopjamboree.com. Limousine Transfer 247 Website means webpage connected to the internet available under the URL address https://www.limousinetransfer247.com.

  1. Customer means a person or a group of people who purchased services supplied by limousinetransfer247.
  2. Group means number of customers organised in a group, represented by the group leader.
  3. Group Leader means a person who makes the purchase on behalf of group. All communication between Limousine Transfer 247 and the group is made through the leader and he/she is responsible for passing on booking information to the group.
  4. Transfer means a pickup that is arrange by Limousine Transfer 247.
  5. Service means transportation offered on Limousine Transfer 247 website.
  6. Supplier means legal body that directly organises services offered on the limousinetransfer247 website.

II Making booking and payment:

1. Customer initiate contact with Limousine Transfer 247 through the website using the email address or phone numbers provided.

2. Limousine Transfer 247 staff may need to ask additional questions in order to specify the customer`s requirements. Limousine Transfer 247 will confirm the availability and give a quote via email and provide the customer with payment details.
2.1. Payment is made in EUR (Euros).
2.2. Payment can be made via bank transfer to 1stopJamboree account or by all major credit and debit cards via secured pay link.
2.2.1 Credit and debit cards payments are processed immediately. All purchases will appear on your statement as 1STOPJAMBOREE LTD.
2.3. There is a 20% holding deposit required for all bookings with the outstanding balance settled at least two weeks before the pickup date. For bookings made less than 2 weeks before the event date the payment is required to be paid in full at the time of making the reservation.

  1. The service confirmation and a detailed transfer itinerary is emailed to the customer once notification of payment is received by the 1stopJamboree.
    3.1. The customer is advised to review the booking confirmation and report immediately any discrepancies.

III Contract 

1. A binding contract comes into existence once the customer is issued with the booking confirmation.

  1. Limousine Transfer 247 is obligated to submit the necessary documentation of the agreed services and arrangements.
  2. Limousine Transfer 247 reserves the right to incorporate minor changes (such as time schedule) to the itinerary after booking has been made if they are necessary and are the result of the supplier’s fault. Changes will not affect the price of the service booked and the customer will be notified as soon as possible.
  3. Limousine Transfer 247 and the customer agrees that English law applies to the contract and any claim or dispute that arises between Limousine Transfer 247 and the customer (includes those involving any personal injuries) need to be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales.
  4. Any additional arrangements and purchases that take place between customer and the supplier after the initial booking is not a concern of Limousine Transfer 247.

IV Cancellations:

1. Cancellation and amendments made  by the customer will be fully refunded if made and confirmed by 1stopJamboree staff in writing at least 14 days prior the event.
1.1. 1stopJamboree reserved the right to reduce the refund amount by the bank fees in the case of the customer`s cancellation refund.

  1. Cancellation and amendments made by the customer between 7 and 14 days before the event will resolve in keeping the customer`s deposit.
    2.1. If the customer has paid the full price prior to the cancellation and the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the event, 1stopJamboree reserves the right to reduce the 75% refund by the bank fees.
  2. Cancellation and amendments made by the customer in less than 7 days before the event are not refundable.
  3. Limousine Transfer 247 reserves the right to cancel services in cases of late arrival or absence of the customer.
  4. 1 Limousine Transfer 247 reserves the right to cancel or change the service if – due to the fault out of our control –  malfunction, breakdown of the transfer. In such an event Limousine Transfer 247 will offer a refund or different service if agreed on such with the customer.

V Liability:

1. The customers agree to obey all safety instructions and legal regulations recommended by Limousine Transfer 247 or and the suppliers.

  1. Limousine Transfer 247 is a broker who offers services of other suppliers, therefore it has no legal liability for any aspect of the service itself, other than liabilities resulting from making bookings for its customers. Limousine Transfer 247 will not be held responsible for any damages to the customers’ belongings or personal injuries (including those resulting in permanent disability or death) that was caused during or as a direct result of the service booked by the customer.
    Any claims resulting directly from the service provided should be addressed to the supplier.
  2. Limousine Transfer 247 generally does not provide any insurance for its customers unless specified otherwise in the particular service description on the website.

VII Complains:

1. Any complaints and claims against Limousine Transfer 247 should be reported within 28 days of the date when the service was carried out.

  1. 2. All complaints and claims will be investigated and replied to within 30 days from the day when they were submitted.
  2. Limousine Transfer 247 promises to make every effort to suggest a satisfying solution to every complaint and claim submitted.